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I feel like a great description of what I do is.. I am a fitness coach! I LOVE helping other achieve a new level of fitness for them.
Strength, Stamina, Endurance, Flexability, Agility, Power, speed, Cardio.

Or are you stuck and need to just get healthy! It is your journey. Your work.. but if you want help getting there I would love to help take the steps to achieve your goals.

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Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Some Benifits of Running.... Did you know

I used to HATE!  Running..   VERY MUCH!  I never thought I would ever like it or WANT to do it.  
I have HUGE admiration for any one who runs or has run a marathon!  That IS AN AWESOME FEET! 
But thew my CrossFit training I came across Pose
and that has made a HUGE difference..  My joints used to hurt
and I felt very fatigues right away. Like I was pushing threw a wall the whole time.
NOW ...  I run with much more efficiency and easy...  
Would you rather push your body forward over and over again
OR would you rather just lift your foot? 
For me this was a pivotal thought and just like dominoes.. 
everything is falling into place and each run gets easier and my 
endurance just keeps growing!   I LOVE IT!

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