Our Gym(box) is an open space with some great tools to improve your fitness, kettlebells, medicine balls, bumper weights and bars, rowers along with some other things. It does not have lots of machines or mirrors. it is simple space. To GROW STRONGER.
I feel like a great description of what I do is.. I am a fitness coach! I LOVE helping other achieve a new level of fitness for them.
Strength, Stamina, Endurance, Flexability, Agility, Power, speed, Cardio.

Or are you stuck and need to just get healthy! It is your journey. Your work.. but if you want help getting there I would love to help take the steps to achieve your goals.

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Sunday, February 7, 2010

Today is some big sport event....

I wanted to make some tasty food to snack on while my family watches the Super Bowl.
So the first thing I made is one of my favorites..  Sweet Potato egg bacon salad
living paleo Is a really great blog if your looking for Paleo Diet info and or recipes. 

One of my other FAVORITE sources for Paleo info is Everyday Paleo and she had a recipe for chili that I made and OMG it smells SO GOOD!  here it is.. Chili 

My house is smelling wonderful.. and it feels really good that I have very tasty food that is very healthy available for my family.   time to chill and relax with the family.. well after I do my burpees.
and as a reminder today we are on 38 of 100 ..

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